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Forward Thinking

Join our innovation on a shoestring initiative, we want to work with inspiring people invested in a green recovery.

Do you think about the environment and are your already working with other businesses to build a brighter future for your local community?

During the global pandemic, we have seen many acts of kindness, a resurgence of community spirit and a sense of belonging. "Our challenge is to realise our connection to all living things and understand the importance of protecting nature rather than destroying it if we are to grow ourselves. Looking past our own short term fear-driven needs and seeing how we can serve one another with love is crucial" Primrose Matheson.

We would like to help you share your story by connecting the physical product you sell with content that exists on the internet. An informed and protected customer will make responsible choices and many have the desire needed to build community spirit by supporting activities and purchasing products from a network of likeminded local businesses.

Information exists in so many places, spread across lots of platforms. Its not always easy to find, but wouldn't it be great if your customers could easily access everything your want them to see as your story, by simply scanning the products you sell.

How Gs1 can help

  1. Use a barcode to link your physical product to content hosted on the internet using the GS1 Digital Link resolver.  Update links dynamically without having to change the barcode.

  3. Bring your physical products to life using our iPhone App; share a personal message and introduce your story in a fun and creative way by adding a barcode trigger to a poster or the products packaging. Use animation or a video to share your values build personal rapport. We are using Apple's latest AppClip capability, so your customers don't need to install an App.

  5. Create a list of links that you want your customer to see when they scan the barcode on the products packaging using the iPhone camera. Connect your local community, make referrals to other local businesses, promote upcoming activities.

What you need to do

If you are a GS1 member and you want to share your story in an innovative way, get in contact we would like to hear from you.

To start assigning GS1 numbers and barcodes to your products, follow the three easy steps to get started:

- Join GS1 UK online
- Log in to My GS1
- Start assigning GS1 numbers and barcodes to your products and locations
- Register each product and location
- Use the contact form to participate in this initiative

Once you’ve become a GS1 UK member, you’ll be able to log in to our member portal, called My GS1, which has the tools and services to help you to manage all your GS1 barcode numbers.

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Bring your physical products or a poster to life using our iPhone App.