QR code powered by GS1

One of the benefits of QR codes powered by GS1 is that you can serve up different information to different people depending on what application does the scan. In this way, you can empower consumers, retail staff and the supply chain all with one QR code – which also scans at the till!

Consumer applications
Bring together content hosted across a range of systems as a menu of options for customers to interact with.










Use by: 01/04/2025

Batch ID: batch1

Dynamic landing page
Discover how the brand managed data stored in a GS1-compliant resolver can be used to construct a landing page for customers.

Use the key data elements encoded in the barcode, such as product identifier, batch, and expiry date, to retrieve information stored within proprietary applications.

Retailer applications
GS1 with Industry has set the ambitious goal of transitioning from legacy linear 1D barcodes to new, more capable 2D barcodes on-pack.

Production data
Discover how retailers can leverage the product identifier and offline production data stored within QR codes in their own systems.

Brand applications
Brands can dynamically modify the pathway to content locations in real-time, benefiting both customers and business partners by enabling interoperability.

Linked data management
Discover how brands generate QR code images and manage links to both the human and machine readable content the want to share with customers and business partners.