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£5 per jar (350g) free local delivery, cash and online payment - Email: herb@cantab.net to order some more.


Winter warmer recipes and drinks you can make with Herb's honey

Christmas Honey Biscuits - These traditional German honey biscuits make the perfect Christmas gift.
Honey Cake Recipe - The honey you use will have quite an impact on the flavour of the cake.


Twenty Honey Cocktails - Beloved for its texture and flavor, honey is a star sweetener in cocktails.


Crispy Honey Orange Glazed Salmon - Salmon and honey with orange go together so incredibly well.


Honey Roasted Butternut Squash - The squash becomes melt-in-your-mouth tender with caramelised pieces.


Chicken Teriyaki - so much faster than waiting for a takeaway to arrive. It takes just about half an hour to make


The Bee's Knees - A simple combination of honey and water adds complexity and sweetness to the drink.


Sly's Honey Mule - It combines sharpness from the limes, sweetness from the honey and a floral hit from the elderflower.


Honey Blackberry Mint Mocktail - This honey blackberry mint mocktail is refreshing.


GS1 UK is proud to support our charity partner The Honeypot Children’s Charity. Since 1996, the charity have offered both respite breaks and outreach support to young carers, many of whom would otherwise have nowhere to turn to.

They are the only charity in the UK offering consistent support throughout childhood; from the age of five until a child’s 13th birthday.​

Honeypot's vision is for every child to be able to make the most of their one chance at childhood.

GS1 standards in action

We wanted to demonstrate which GS1 standards are being used by Herb to bring you all of this information and to make sure his customers are getting the best experience.

GS1 Digital Link - The QR you scanned to access this website is a digital link enabled barcode. This means that the barcode contains a link that can send the consumer to a website, an app or anywhere on the web to access further information about a product. Soon we will be updating the link to take you to the digital link app. Look out for further information about this.


Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) - To identify Herb’s Honey we have given it a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). This 13 digit number allows a product to be identified throughout the supply chain and digitally online. In this case the GTIN is embedded in the digital link that then resolves to the Herb’s Honey website. This GTIN also lives online and there is a digital twin of Herb’s Honey which can be searched for via the GS1 global registry.


Verified by GS1 - We have shared basic product information through productDNA to the Verified by GS1 global registry to create a digital record of Herb’s Honey. Search this GTIN: 5060781700242 to see how Herb’s Honey in the GS1 global registry.


GS1 SME Trials - GS1 Digital Link web-enables barcodes by providing a simple, standards-based structure for the data that is encoded in new barcodes and by providing simple rules that apps can use to translate barcodes into connections, shopping experiences and interesting product content.